SHADOW VISIONS: Drafting The Creepy Prequel

Launching a debut novel in the middle of a pandemic has been a challenge, to say the least. No live events, no book signings, and no school visits (even at my own). All of us “Roaring 20s” debut authors dealt with this in some way, and many of us formed groups on Facebook and Twitter to offer each other support. One of the best pieces of advice was to get writing the next story.

I already had begun the prequel to Dreamwalkers when I was still querying. Everyone said not to write the sequel, because if you don’t sell the first one, the second one’s going nowhere. That made sense, so I outlined the plot and created character sketches for a YA Historical Fiction on the eve of WWI. I couldn’t get started, though. I couldn’t hear the voice I wanted to tell the story, so I outlined another YA HF based on the true adventures of my husband’s mother, growing up in Depression-era South Dakota. That voice is one I know and love, and it will get written someday, but…

I could not get Dreamwalkers’ Night Hawk family out of my head. Having spent five years in Vivian’s world, I wasn’t ready to leave. I still had so many questions about that family’s back story, like how the group of men in the Stargate Program bonded and split up long before Vivian and Brian were born. And Summer—how did Vivian’s “ninja Mom” get to be so calm and ready for anything? Her quiet, steely determination to protect her family at all cost must come from somewhere, and a person so cool under pressure only gets that way from hard experience. What was she like before?

Summer’s story is one of loss and awakening, murder and magic. She has inherited a house she never knew about and a psychic gift she doesn’t want: holding an object reveals its past. Unlike her mother, a professional psychic who once made headlines by helping the police, she wants to keep her own unreliable power a secret. But after her mom’s fatal overdose she is the sole heir to her great-grandfather’s Arizona estate, and the old house in Sedona has secrets of its own. An aunt she never knew existed has already arrived to help catalogue her hoarder great-grandfather’s belongings. Shifting realities collide with her visions until her mother’s tarot deck opens the door to a decades-old conspiracy. Every card is a clue, and Summer must master her mother’s gift to find the truth before she is trapped in a tangled web of murder and deceit.

The third act of this stand-alone prequel is under construction. By the end of summer 2021, SHADOW VISIONS will be drafted and ready to edit and I’ll be sharing some excerpts along the way!