Happy July!

I just realized today is July 6–exactly three months until Dreamwalkers is released. HOLY MOLY!

Over at Filles Vertes Publishers, the Green Team has been ramping up the behind-the-scenes production. The final, final, really final ARC corrections have been submitted, and  some lovely ARC reviews are popping up on Goodreads!

Thank you, early reviewers, for your time and effort in reading and reviewing my story.


Also on Goodreads and at the FVP site, you’ll find Link by Link, an upcoming anthology of Christmas stories set for release in December. The genres range from Middle Grade to Young Adult and Adult, and the stories are a mix of creepy ghost hauntings, enduring love and Christmas Spirit that is not to be missed!

Recently I sat down and answered some questions for Candace Robinson. You’d think after drafting, editing, revising, editing some more–and yet again–I’d be able to answer anything at all about the characters in Dreamwalkers, but her questions made me take yet another look at Vivian, Brian, Lucas, and the evil Jackson Connor. You can find that interview here:

Interview with Candace Robinson

Everyone have a safe and peaceful July!