DREAMWALKERS is Back on Amazon!

With the delivery of the FVP edition beginning October 6, readers are finally getting to read Vivi’s story. There’s nothing like seeing the final edition in print, with all of the acknowledgements, bio and photo. I was thinking, “Okay, that’s the final version!” SPOILER ALERT: It wasn’t.

It turns out that when you get a new publisher and new ISBNs, Amazon wants to verify there’s no copyright issue, so getting Dreamwalkers back out there has taken a bit longer than expected. And Cassie Knight, my editor at Champagne Books, found some issues, so I went back in for one more editing pass while we waited, and I’m sure glad I did.

The eBook of Dreamwalkers is on the Champagne site and back on Amazon, and it’s gorgeous! EBooks are often plagued with spacing issues, but Champagne Book Group did a fantastic job formatting. Thank you, Cassie, for your diligent, expert eye!

Print books will be available shortly. There have been a few minor changes to the cover, expertly crafted by Jena Collins. The Champagne Edition will be slightly larger. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. There are a few interior changes too. The acknowledgements have been moved to the front of the book, where the people who helped give Dreamwalkers its legs can be seen right away.

One of those people, Sharon Gloshay, came to my house to finally meet in person! “Miss Sharon” is a member of the White Mountain Apache tribe, Mesquite Clan, and a skilled archaeologist who read Dreamwalkers for cultural accuracy and sensitivity. I also had the delight of meeting her daughters Sara and Nizhony.

We had a long lunch and an even longer conversation. I’m truly blessed to know this amazing woman.

Meanwhile, Book Two is entering Act Three, and I have a lot of writing and editing to do. Working title: Shadow Visions, it’s the story of Vivi’s mother, who at the age of sixteen inherits a house she doesn’t want, an aunt she never knew existed, and a power she can’t control.

Stay tuned for print edition info, coming soon!